Meadow Fresh Permeate Free

Frequently asked questions

The label on the front of the bottle says ‘permeate free’, but the words on the back say ‘no added permeate’. Why is that?

We are currently changing out the labels on our milk bottles, and it is possible that some will say ‘permeate free’ and others will say ‘no added permeate’ for a few days during the changeover process. Milk that is not standardised can be referred to as either ‘Permeate Free’ or ‘No Added Permeate’ – both terms are correct. Permeate is not created until it goes through an ultra-filtration process. Our milk doesn’t go through this process, so it is permeate free. It is also correct to say that it doesn’t have permeate added to it. So while the labels may have two terms on them, both terms are accurate when referring to the milk inside the bottle.